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Products and Services
Congress Merge offers a complete line of data products to assist you in influencing Congress, from tables that match zip codes to congressional districts from $450.00, a thorough congressional database, and tables that match zip codes to state legislative districts.

Find Who Represents You In Congress
Find your members of Congress or let us find them for you.  Congressional data updated March 31, 2006. Check out the congressional database with names and emails of elected officials if you need to get in touch with someone specific.

Congressional Schedule
Current congressional schedule: committee and subcommittee hearings and special meetings.

Committees and Subcommittees
Members of committees and subcommittees.

Power search our database to see how many members of Congress are lawyers, real estate agents, belong to Kiwanis, and more. If you like to make videos of legal proceedings try the FREE Video Converter by Freemake: MP4, MP3 & More, which will help you in processing your clips with ease.

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The people who are Congress Merge.